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Introducing Sedna Link

Sedna Link is a new way to keep you connected to your work and business by allowing you to embed rich interfaces and workflows directly within Sedna. Take a look at our Sedna Link documentation to learn how to build your own Link Apps.

Partner Integrations

Organizations can leverage Sedna’s off the shelf integrations with applications from Veson IMOS, Shipamax, and Dataloy to enable a seamless flow of data and accelerate the productivity of enterprise organizations.

Connect Applications

Sedna also opened its API program to the developer community for others to create connections with their business applications, such as CRM (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive), document management (i.e. Microsoft Sharepoint), data (i.e. Softmar, A3), cloud systems (i.e. Microsoft Azure) and more.

Digital Transformation

"Building a solution in the cloud around Sedna, IMOS, and our corporate Intranet will enable us to create a single source of truth."

Rob Aarvold, General Manager
Swire Bulk